This site explores healing arts and activities that I have found to be helpful for me and hope they help you too.

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Reflexology is a safe ancient healing art that includes adding pressure to reflexes that help relieve tension, improve circulation and support the body’s overall function. It dates back 5000 years to Egypt and exists in many cultures. Today, reflexology is used worldwide and is popular in Asia and Europe. In Denmark, it is integrated into the health system. Here in Canada it is also growing as more people discover the benefits of alternative healing.


Like so many others before me, an injury brought me to reflexology. Through health obstacles, I also noticed my hands and feet talking to me except I wasn’t listening. The pains in my extremities finally caught my attention when I suffered rotary cuff tendonitis affecting my shoulder, arm and hand. I had reflexology treatment in Denmark and self-treated until the pain disappeared.

Now, I am a reflexology student studying to become a certified and registered therapist while embarking on a path of healing and helping others. I am also making handmade jewellery in the forms of rings and bracelets that are designed to be worn but also used for soothing hands and fingers. Great for stressful situations; flying, doctors, interviews etc.

My personal tools include smooth hand-picked basalt stones from Vancouver Island beaches, a Thai massage stick, magnetic ear seeds and magnetic hematite spheres.

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Disclaimer: Reflexology does not diagnose, prescribe or treat for specific conditions and is not a replacement for medical treatment.

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Handmade Jewellery

I started collecting sea glass / stones and making crafts back in 2011 as a rehabilitative therapy for the digital work I was doing at the time. I found the process of beach combing grounding and being creative with my finds to be therapeutic. The process engages mindfulness and eye-hand coordination, thus it has become an extension if not the biggest form of my art therapy.

To see some samples of my work please visit: I am also available to create custom pieces should you be interested. In the future, I hope to facilitate crafting with others as a form of therapy.

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